Monday, May 31, 2010

The Meanest Mom Ever!!

I'm not quite sure how this happened but, apparently I have become the "meanest mom ever!" Of course, this phrase only makes it's appearance when it is past bedtime and I'm refusing to allow them out of bed, or at the Wal-Mart checkout when I have 4 kids all trying to get me to buy them one of each of the various sundries that the store strategically markets to bored children. These can become quite a stumbling block for parents who are trying to keep their kids somewhat in check. (Aw heck, who am I fooling? I'm surviving by the skin of my teeth at the checkout and my kids certainly are NOT in check.) I'm thinking of buying blinders for our next shopping trip ;o) I guess as my kids (Jax in particular) understand it, saying "no" makes you a mean mommy.

Can I get an AMEN from all the mean mommies out there????

Hey, if anyone in this house has the right to say I'm the meanest mom, it would be these 2 cats.



Both cats came to me as a result of a friend marrying someone who was horribly allergic to them. She gave them to me and now they are just part of the family! Soooooo, for their wedding, I dressed 2 unhappy cats in some finery and took pictures. Don't they look excited??

Ahem, back to the kids...Being called the "meanest mom" or even the occasional "I hate you" are things that just roll right off my back. You see, I think I may have said the same thing to my mom when I was little...
If it means that they will grow up with a little bit of self control and self respect, well, I'll wear the "mean mommy" badge proudly!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in Translation

Although I homeschool the quadruplets, the identical boys attend speech therapy once a week at the local elementary school. They have always had a speech delay and I really appreciate the help of their wonderful therapist.

Their speech is really improving and I'm a little sad for the day when they no longer make me laugh simply because they innocently mispronounced a word. A couple of my recent favorites:

Both of them leave out the "N" in the word function. Without the "N" properly placed in the word, they tell me they are building their Lego's with "power fu_ctions" and the sentence takes on a whole new meaning...oops!

Also, the "S" should become before the "K" when asking for their Mario-Kart Wii "DISK" (I'll give you a second to think about that one.) Guess we should work on that too, but it always makes me snicker. (I'm terrible, I know...)

And finally, perhaps I should tell Carson that the word is "peanuts," not "penis," but honestly, what fun would that be??

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pit Crew

The sun has been hiding for several weeks lately. Yesterday it finally came from behind all the clouds and warmed our little corner of the state long enough to have some outdoor fun!

So, the pit crew got working on their cars.

They checked tires...

They washed seats and steering wheels.

They scrubbed inside

And out

Jax gives a thumbs up while having a popsicle break

And Carson looked for the engine in Jaxon's car.

Jaxon 'helping' Mason with his car.

Carson is thrilled to be in the drivers seat again!

Is this what they mean by "riding shotgun?"

The little cars are about 3 years old and it appears that this will be the last season the kids will fit in them. I definitely feel we got our money's worth. The kids drive them just about every day when it is good weather. It's really kind of funny hearing all the comments from the grown men in the neighborhood. Many of them come over just to check out the cars and have expressed how much they wish they had such a great toy when they were kids.

I sure am glad that we have a few years before they really start driving!!! (If you could see their driving skills you'd be glad too...)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Amber...

Last weekend, I was talking on the phone to Amber, one of the beautiful women who faithfully helped me with my babies back when they were... well, babies. She eventually moved, married a great guy, and went on to have quads of her own. (Yeah, I know, what are the odds?) Her babies are now toddlers and are getting more and more 'active'. She made the comment, "it seems like your kids were always so good!" Looking back, I think she may be talking about someone elses kids...

Yes, this is wet toilet paper stuck to every surface of my bathroom. What you can't see is that it is on the ceiling and dripped on me as I walked under it. We went through a phase where it didn't matter what I did, the kids got the T.P. and inevitably decorated with it....Why did they have to send it swimming in the toilet first???

Jaxon "cooking" a balanced Cheerios breakfast. If you look closely, you'll see the remainder of the box all over the floor behind him.

Flour, sugar, oatmeal, pancake mix and, thank heavens they hadn't gotten the lid off the oil yet...Oh, this happened when I took a 3 minute shower.

Cupcakes always taste better after being squished all over the counter.

Into the toilet again! Notice the roll is (of course) empty...

Ummmmm, that is nail polish on my wall. They also painted the dining table at the same time.

Carson had already had a bath but decided to jump in with Jax and Amanda as well.

Thanks mom for our very own mud puddle!!

That is magic marker all over Amanda...

This broken window? Jaxon has a hell of an arm, he was 4 when he launched that rock through the window. Maybe Mike could teach him to pitch?

My best advice...When your kids do something that makes you want to cry, (or runaway from home), grab a camera and take lots of pictures! You WILL laugh about it one day!

Did I ever tell you about the time they spoon fed Coke and chocolate pudding into the back of a high velocity floor fan we used to cool our bedroom, just to watch it spray EVERYWHERE? I bet I'll find shards of pudding and splatters of Coke until the day we move out!

Anyway, it's all good and these really are some of my favorite memories. But after looking at all these pictures, all I can think is "Where was their mother?"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Flashback Mother's Day Edition

When I was in my early twenties, I really didn't think that I ever wanted to have children. I wanted to be a business woman, to play on the playground with the "big boys." I wanted public recognition and monetary reward that often comes with big corporate management. I wanted to dress up for work and interact with adults. I thought that earnings and promotions were the definition of success.
Then I met Jeff and got married. In our discussions about building a family, we both agreed that it was something we would want...later. We both had jobs that we thought fulfilled our needs, and in the physical sense of the word, they did. We worked, bought a home, went on vacations. We were free to come and go as we pleased and that suited us just fine. We carried on like this for years, all the while feeling as though we had plenty of time in the future for doing the "kid thing." As I hit the age of 35, we determined that if we were going to have a child, we needed to get going on it in order to beat the biological clock. I became pregnant within the first month of ending birth control. Easy, right? Sure, easy and nothing bad would happen to us because we thought we had been doing everything right. Well, maybe not...
I went to my 12 week doctor appointment feeling sick, tired, pregnant. Jeff accompanied me to what we figured would just be a routine check up. The doctor could not find our babies heartbeat on her doppler so she sent us to have an ultrasound. I wasn't the least bit worried as I had been over to the labor and delivery ward in the hospital just prior to my appointment and had seen the baby moving and kicking. (Oh, the benefits of having a sister who delivers babies for a living!)
The girl doing the ultrasound was a young, beautiful, compassionate, blond. She pointed out our babies strong heartbeat. We saw his legs and arms moving about. She took measurements that verified the dates. Yep, I was 11 weeks 5 days pregnant. Everything looked great as far as the baby's development was concerned. The sweet technician suddenly became very quiet. The kind of deafening silence that lets you know that something is terribly wrong. "This pregnancy is ectopic" she said in a tone that let me know that she didn't believe it herself. "It CAN'T be" I protested, "I'm 12 weeks pregnant!" I had never heard of anyone carrying a live baby in their fallopian tube through an entire first trimester...And why hadn't I had any pain? I thought she had to be wrong and evidently she questioned herself as well because she summoned another tech and my doctor to come verify what she thought she saw.
Of course, they were right. Jeff looked at me, puzzled, and inquired as to what it meant. I told him it meant that we weren't going to be able to keep the baby. That the pregnancy would need to be terminated. He asked what would happen if we didn't terminate. "Then both me and the baby will die." I replied. For him, it was black and white. For me, shades of grey hung over me. Logically, I knew what had to happen, but emotionally, I didn't want to accept it. It just seemed so incredibly unfair. I could see a beautiful little baby on a screen and with all of modern medicine, no one could save him. It just didn't make sense.
Within a half hour, I was being walked into a surgical suite where I knew that the life I was carrying inside of me was going to end. It felt like an execution chamber. I just wanted to be sedated so that I didn't have to think about it any more. "Just put me out," I begged, and thankfully the anesthesiologist understood and didn't make me wait. "It will be over soon." he said. I fell asleep crying and woke up empty. When I was pregnant, I finally felt like I had been doing something truly important (something I had not ever felt in the workplace) and now that had been taken away.

That was March 31, 2000. A few weeks later, Mother's Day came around. I don't remember much about that particular Mother's Day except for a picture that my sister gave me of a mother laying next to a window with a baby on her chest. The caption reads "As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you." (Isaiah 66:13) Tears flowed freely as Jeanna hugged me and tried to console me. Now, 10 years later, I still get tears when looking at that beautiful framed print, but they are tears of joy. HE did comfort me and HE did get me through one of the worst times in my life and there WAS a reason behind the loss of our first child. For without that loss, we never would have gone down the road of infertility treatments that eventually brought us our quadruplets. God knew what he was doing.

Motherhood doesn't begin when you hold your infant in your arms, it begins when you hold that infant in your heart. I became a mom the day I lost my first baby. When I realized how much I already loved him and wanted him, I knew what it felt like to want more for another than I wanted for myself. That baby was in my heart then, and is still there today. May God bless all the mom's out there. Those that are struggling to have a family, those who are struggling to raise a family and those who have yet to embark on the journey to motherhood.