Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Flashback

A couple of weeks ago, one of my younger sisters reminded me of something really funny that Mason did when he was about 3 years old. Let me preface the story by saying that Mason's absolute favorite food is McDonalds french fries.
While teaching the kids to recognize their alphabet, we would write every letter, one by one, on a piece of paper and quiz them each time we wrote one down. We would write them in random order and they would tell us what letter it was. They were really good at it with one exception...Every time we wrote the letter "M", we would ask "what is this?" and Mason would gleefully shout out "fries!" (That's when you know that you eat there way too much,)
It took a while, but he knows now that it really is just a letter on a piece of paper. He still loves the fries though!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Kid-ism's

The quads check out the big computer Uncle Terrance takes care of at work. What a geek he is!

Lately, the kids have been in rare form with witty comments. I thought I'd share a few priceless gems from the last few weeks....

(Amanda) "Mom, why did you call that a board game? It's not boring!" Perhaps I'd better teach the difference between board and bored.

(Jaxon) "Do fishes and dolphins have buttholes?" So, off to the aquarium to check...

"Mom, did you know that black mice are Ninja mice?" (Amanda) "Really?" I asked. "Yes, they are Ninja's and they are black so that they can hide in the dark." I really hope she hasn't actually seen any of these Ninja's in our house!

While at a church production of "The Music Man," Jaxon was beginning to get bored (not board). He asked (rather loudly) "When will all the singing and clapping be over? It's pissing off my ears!"

We returned home after spending the afternoon at the park. We pulled into the garage and noticed that Jeff had not returned home from work yet. Mason decided that "Either Dad was still at work, or maybe he went to the bar." I'm sure Jeff has considered such a diversion but what does a 7 year old know about going to a bar???

Amanda made a brilliant observation that I hadn't thought of..."What if cousin Londyn marries someone whose last name is Bridge?" .... Hmmm, then I guess we will have to hope she doesn't fall down!

And my favorite was simple, childlike, honesty from Carson while visiting the Urologist. When the doctor came into the exam room, Carson just looked at him and gave him all the info he needed..."Hi, I'm Carson. I'm 7 years old, 32 lbs and I need to get my penis fixed because I pee at a 90 degree angle and I need to pee at 180." Well, there you have it!

Jay Leno's got nothin' on my kids!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Introducing the Webkinz Band

One thing I really love about my kids is their creativity. The other day, they decided to stage a concert for their Webkinz. So with some Lego's and a ton of stuffed animals, the festivities were on...

Zum Zum on the synthesizer

Pearlie on the keyboard

Smoothie on the drums (I didn't name them, the kids did)

Matt on lead vocals

Gordon plays the guitar

The entire band

A "standing ovation" from a sold out crowd!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


By the end of most days, my house looks like this...

Yep, I'm completely outnumbered and keeping the house straightened is quite difficult. Before the kids I was a complete clean freak. Boy has that changed! One night, when I was a little frustrated with how much work needed to be done, I had a complete change of perspective. I remembered how my home was spotless before I had the quads and then I remembered crying every day because there were no kids in it to mess it up.
I'll take the kids over a clean house any day!! So, if you come to visit, just be forewarned that you may have to maneuver over several hurdles on your way in...and I wouldn't have it any other way.