Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Wing and a Pray-er!

Hey Melody and Amanda...Why such looks of terror??

It's just a little bug...

And that is MY arm I let it crawl on....

Just to prove there was nothing to be afraid of.
(Believe me,I prayed the whole time it was crawling on me!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Glad We Got the Warranty

Of all the things the kids have broken, I miss my laptop the most.

Two days ago, my laptop shut itself off. No problem, just turn it back on right? Well, it was not to be. After running itself through a bunch of diagnostic tests that are completely beyond my realm of understanding, it got stuck. So, I called my 24 hour computer service (my little brother Terrance) and he promptly came to my house to fix the faulty device. I knew it was trouble when he informed me that he would need to take it with him and see what he could do. "Is there anything on the hard drive that you need me to attempt to retrieve?" he asked. "Just my pictures." was the sad reply. Thank heavens most of my pictures are already saved on a thumb drive.
Today, the results came in... Dead. The hard drive only has 4% health (whatever that means but I'm guessing that means 96% of it is gone). Apparently it has been dropped on it's head one too many times and cannot be repaired. I've never been one to buy the expensive extra warranties that stores offer, but when Jeff bought me the laptop for Christmas he opted to pay an extra $300 to cover the computer for everything, including quadruplet abuse. I'm hoping to have a functioning laptop soon.

Amber DeMaria, one of my fellow quadmom friends, tagged me for "Honest Scrap." The idea is to tell 10 things about yourself that others may not know and then tag 7 others to do the same.
So, here's mine:

1-No big revelation here but I am late for everything. I always have good intentions of being on time, but it just never happens.

2- I cannot remove the cotton stuffed in the top of pill bottles to keep the pills from rattling around. I always have to get Jeff to do it for me. The sound is like nails on a chalkboard, just thinking about it gives me the chills!

3- The first time Jeff asked me out on a date, he stood me up. Rather than taking that as rejection, I took it as a challenge and vowed that he would go out with me...whether he wanted to or not!

4- At one time in my life I was adamant that I would never use fertility treatments and that if I hadn't had kids by 36, well, I just wouldn't have kids. (OK the quads were born when I was 37). On the other hand, from the day we were married on, Jeff always said that we would have one kid unless it was twins.... God certainly has a sense of humor, don't you think?

5- I absolutely HATE looking for things and I could literally go crazy if I can't find my car keys.

6-I'm quite obsessive compulsive and all you have to do is look in my closets and drawers to see it. The kids clothes are folded and stacked in daily matching outfits, all color coordinated and ready to go. Even the jammies.

7-I'm an Air Force brat born in Alaska.

8- I'm terrible with names but great with numbers. If everyone just had a number rather than a name, I'd never forget.

9-I'm allergic to all fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of them I can eat cooked or canned but eating them raw is not a good idea for me.

10- When we started down the road of infertility treatments, I knew something weird would happen to us. I always knew that we would have 4 kids but I thought we would have two sets of twins. In a way I guess we did, (two identical, two fraternal) they just all came in one litter!

So, now I nominate the following to give me some Honest Scrap:
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Lydia from Taggart Times
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Jackie from Six Pack of Fun
Julie from The Green House
Ana & Ado + 4 (don't worry about translation, I figured out how to do it through the blog.)
Stacey from Oh My Melody

Thanks for playing and I'm interested to hear about your quirkiness!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Birthday, A Secret?, and Roller Skates

Yesterday, Jeff became another year older...
It's amazing how much heat is generated when you have 47 candles on a cake!

The kids and I went to Wal-Mart and bought him a laptop. On the way home we had a long discussion in the car about secrets.
Me: "Kids, do you know what a secret is?"
Kids: "Yes, it is something you don't tell"
Me: "Well, daddy's birthday present is a secret so we can't tell him. Does everybody understand? NO TELLING DADDY!"
Kids: "Ohhhh we won't tell daddy. We know, it's a secret."

Feeling quite proud of myself that I handled the situation so well, and having confidence that the kids would NOT tell, we arrived home and got the computer into the house without Jeff noticing. After all, this was Saturday and Jeff's birthday was Sunday so they only had to keep the secret for one day. Sunday came and the kids bestowed their father with his gift. After he unwrapped it, he acted surprised, thanked me and them and then proceeded to try and figure out how it worked. (Jeff is a teeny bit computer illiterate) Later on, Jeff asked me how I managed to buy a computer that was almost identical to the one he bought me for Christmas 9 months ago for a cheaper price than he paid. "How do you know what I spent?" I asked. Well, it turns out that little Carson just could not keep that secret. No sooner had we arrived home from making our purchase, he just couldn't keep it in. Not only had he told Jeff that we bought him a laptop, he also told him how much we spent.
So much for keeping secrets!

After ordering roller skates, then patiently waiting...They are finally here!

Amanda practices roller derby down the hallway!

Jaxon wants to wear his even while watching TV

Mason is THRILLED to have new skates so he puts all his gear on, in spite of the fact that the only thing he had on was his undies. The pose looks almost a little Freddy Mercury to me!

Here's Carson, (sans pants) also showing off his new skates and all his safety equipment.

The kids really want Jeff and I to go roller skating with them.
Given the apparent age of Jeff's skates, we may want to invest in an new pair before embarking on such a challenge...

Perhaps we should have bought Daddy skates for his birthday...