Friday, January 22, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

I'm a little late posting this but little Jaxon lost his first tooth just before Christmas. I had to laugh at the story of just how it happened.
Just prior to him losing the tooth, we had been to the dentist and he noticed that one of his teeth was slightly loose. Jax was excited at the prospect of joining his sister in the ranks of those with goofy looking smiles. A few days later, he was playing with a small, hard, plastic toy and he bit down on it. Well, that caused his tooth to let go and become very loose. He came to me and asked me to pull it out. Upon further inspection, it appeared that is wasn't quite ready and could have stayed in his mouth for a week or so. But, he wanted it out right then. So, thinking that it was hurting and that was the reasoning behind him wanting it out, I gripped the little thing tight and pulled with a little bit of force. It finally popped out. Later, I asked him if it hurt and if that was why he wanted it out so badly. His reply; "Nope, I just wanted the tooth fairy money"!

Gosh, I hope he doesn't want any more money soon!