Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Kid-isms

It's time again to write down things that have come to the forefront of my memory...
My quadruplet mommy mind is so overloaded that when the kids past and present funny quotes come to mind, well, it's time to get them written down!

Mason (ten years old:) "Breastfeeding your baby doll. Creepy, or ground breaking?" Apparently he saw this on an ad, but some questions I'm just not prepared for!

Jaxon's response to learning what a fax does: "That is so cool! I think technology might be the future." Ummmm, you may be on to something there son!

The kid's cousin Melody. When I asked who had been playing in the food coloring, she replied "I didn't do it!!" I guess she thought I didn't have eyes. She was almost 4. 
To preface this next story, you have to know that Mason's very favorite food has always been McDonald's fries. Driving past the Golden Arches usually means we end up taking a trip through the drive through. When the kids were about 3 and learning their alphabet, I was writing the letters down on paper and asking the kids to identify each letter. The kids had a great time correctly identifying letters and shouting out what letters they recognized until we reached the letter m. Mason took one look and shouted out "FRIES!!"
I still chuckle when I see him happily eating a box of hot french fries with the m on the front.
Mason holding his favorite stuffed animal "Batman."
My final kid-ism for today...Mason used to have a stuffed bat he named Batman.  Batman traveled with him everywhere!  That bat was an absolute favorite toy.  As Batman aged and became ratty looking and torn, I found Mason performing CPR on him.  Not quite knowing what was going on, I hid just outside of his view but well within my view and earshot.  I heard him sadly proclaim to his brother  "Call 911.  I've done everything I can but I still wasn't able to save his life!" 
Fortunately, I was able to intervene before 911 was called.  I would have been really embarrassed had the paramedics showed up to save a stuffed bat!

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Amelia said...

FRIES! Oh my goodness that's cute!