Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visions of Things to Come

Last night we attended the annual picnic hosted by our IVF clinic.

It's always fun for me to dress the kids up and show them off (no matter how much the kids protest). It's also a great time to thank the doctors once again for all the help they gave us in creating our family. We are so grateful for our kids and feel so blessed.

Amanda got to assist the magician and was rewarded with some silly gifts for her efforts.

In all the years that the clinic has been in business I believe they have only had 2 sets of quads conceived through IVF (and they would like to keep it that way). I had heard about a family who had quads 9 years before us but had never met them. Last night we were finally introduced to the 16 year old Palmer quads from Liberty. I was so excited to talk to their mother Julie, who is one impressive lady! She is quite petite, no bigger than I am, had her babies at 40 years old and carried them to 36 weeks 1 day! (I can feel my uterus rupturing just thinking about it.) Two were born at 4 lbs and two at 5lbs! I felt a little unworthy :o) It was great to hear a little of the experiences they had shared over the years and to talk to these awesome young adults about how they felt being quads. They are now juniors in high school and still seem to be just as close knit as my little ones are now. I think they really feel lucky to have been raised with so many siblings their own age. I'm really hoping to stay in touch so that I can learn from someone who has "been there, done that" and done it in style!

Thank you Palmer's for turning the van around and coming back to the party to meet us. It was definitely the highlight of our night!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party Animals

Yesterday, the kids threw a party for Slithers, who is now apparently one year old. It wasn't on my calendar so I had no idea we would be having a party! (I should have ordered cupcakes)

Just in case you don't know who Slithers is, he is one of Jaxon's Webkinz. (Webkinz are great little stuffed toys that kids purchase in stores and then adopt and care for online).

This is Slithers looking at his paper birthday cake that Amanda made.

All Slithers friends came and were dressed with party hats made out of Kleenex. (Gotta give the kids credit for creativity)

They all partied around a "table" which was really a pillow off of my bed. Hmmmm, maybe it's a good thing I didn't order those cupcakes after all.

Anyone need a party planner? The quads would be happy to plan any party you want (for a fee of course:o))

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our little friends, the DeMaria quads, turned one last week. Since we are suckers for a good party with great friends, we packed up the kids and headed to sunny California for a week long adventure! Fortunately, the weather was cool and beautiful and the beaches were awesome! There was only one mishap where Carson decided to remove his life jacket and head to the middle of the hot tub, where he wasn't tall enough to reach the bottom. Mom had to go in after him fully clothed, shoes and all (and did you all know that nothin' dries very fast in San Diego?). Took two days before I could wear those shoes!
Thanks for inviting us to your party Mike and Amber! It was great to see all of you!