Thursday, May 19, 2011

Homeschooling at it's Best!

The perfect homeschool day starts out with a little computer time...
And ends with...

toilet scrubbing instruction.

Under the seat!

Don't forget the base and floor.

Mason shows the satisfaction of a job well done!

Jaxon is not nearly as happy about it.

Ok the lid isn't too bad to clean!

Now the top.

Finally finished.

Way to go boys!  Mom loves your hard work!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

 I ran across a picture the other day.  It's about 2 years old, I believe it was taken sometime close to Mother's Day but I don't remember if it was actually Mother's day.  Oh well, I'll just pretend it was.

I love this picture, everybody looks so healthy and happy.
The next year, Mom was starting to have problems and we were wondering how many more Mother's Days we would have with her.  Thankfully, I dragged myself, and my kids, over to her house that year.   I think I knew on some level that it would be her last, but I tried to reason that feeling away.  It did end up being her last, she died two months later.  Thank heavens for the last precious Mother's Day memories I have of her out at the playground with my kids. Those will never be forgotten.

This year, we celebrated a little differently.  We all really miss her, especially Dad.  Can't blame the old man, he was married to her for 53 years when she died.  Since then, the 54th has come and gone as well as her birthday, his birthday, almost all of their children's birthday's and several holidays, the birth of a great grandson, the death of her sister.  So many first times doing something without her, so many tears.  I really hope she is enjoying the other side. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom.
I love you