Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day, First Grade

Well, it happened. They left me. My children are officially in school all day, 5 days a week. I found that I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. Maybe it was because of their antics yesterday of dumping a box of cereal all over the floor, throwing Coke cans in the driveway to watch them explode, fighting over the WII or pretending to need to pee "really bad" while at Wal-Mart just to watch the automatic toilets flush, making a 30 minute trip last an hour and a half. Maybe the sadness will hit me tomorrow. Maybe it will take a few days to sink in. I do know however, that my babies aren't babies anymore. They had to learn their PIN number for school lunch and all I could think was "aren't they too young to have a PIN number?" Obviously, from the pictures of Jaxon and Amanda eating school lunch they are plenty old enough to remember a PIN number, but as a mom I just wish they would stay little for a little longer. I find a little sadness always comes with the pride you feel as your kids learn and grow. Sadness for the times that will only live in pictures and in your mind (or on your blog!), but complete pride and adoration for the little adults that they are becoming.

Mason and Carson were so darling, they love their class and all their teachers. They are in a high functioning autism class with first and second graders. Many of the kids were in their class last year so the transition has been an easy one!

Speaking of memories, here's a couple more kid-ism's that I remembered recently:
One day I was making brownies. I asked Amanda if she would like to lick the bowl. She replied "No, my head won't fit in the bowl."
One of the kids friends was talking to my niece Cathy, who is deaf. Amanda looked at her friend and said "She's deaf, you have to speak to her in Spanish." (ummmm, she can't hear in Spanish either!)

We were driving past a house that had a garage stuffed to the rafters with junk, I'm not even sure if they could shut the garage door. Amanda said "there is a lot of crap in that garage!" Mason replied "Yeah, but there's no crapping in our garage." (Given how long it took him to potty train, I'm sure a LOT of crapping went on in our garage.)

Well, off I go to figure out what to do with my 6.5 hours a day child free. I doubt that I'll have any trouble filling up the time.